Wireless solution for IoT

Need a wireless IoT solution? you are in the right place!


We add wireless connectivity to your IoT project with our connectivity boards, whether it is WiFi, or LTE CAT-M1, NB-IoT, or LoRa, you will find cost effective solution from us.


We provide design and manufacturing services in the IoT space. Our in-house engineers that have many years experiences in design, development and project implementation.


We partner with global top-tier semiconductor vendors, module makers and component distributors, bridging the gaps between chip makers technical support level and customer requirements.

About Tech Studio Design

Tech Studio Design consists of IoT professionals that have a keen interest to reduce the connectivity complexities for the global IoT development community. Our mission is to reduce the hardware complexity and make it more accessible, thus lowering the threshold for hardware innovation.

Things We're Great At

Many of the Tech Studio staff have a humble start as an engineer, there are a few things that we are great at.


Tech Studio design team have many years experience in the telecommunication industry. We work closely with mobile operators and understand their certification requirements and processes to ensure inter-network compatibility.


Radio frequency is a very specialised engineering field an can be complex and difficult to comprehend. We simplify it and make our products easy to use without the need for in-house RF expertise.


We strongly believe in open source, most of our products come with its design files and source code so that others are able to further enhance it.


Robust firmware code with good documentation is critical to the reliability of IoT products. Our engineers spent hours to develop and valid our software code before releasing it.

Our Products

With our expertise in wireless communication and embedded system development, our products shorten the development cycle of your IoT development and offer drop-in and ready-for-deployment solution. If you prefer to have customised design, use our product for rapid prototype, integrated with your sensors and actuators, and discuss with us your customised needs, or alternatively, take leverage on our open-source files and do your own customisation.

Looking for IoT Solution?

With our products and experiences, you found the right place.

Some of Our Partners

The Secret of IoT Development

We know the pain-points and the challenges for IoT system design, a project always take much longer than expected from the conceptual stage to full deployment, it go beyond choosing the right technologies or products at early stage, there are a few things to be considered for the success of an IoT development.


Able to access the design files and open source software codes, not only help to have better understanding of the code, it will enable you to adapt your software to your requirements quickly.


Well designed products offers simple “plug and play” connectivity, it will shorten your prototyping process and allows you to have a MVP for trial with your customers in the shortest possible time.


In addition to well-designed products, small form factor with reasonable low cost enable direct “drop-in” deployment. This will reduce the design cycle, complexity and minimise the risk of going through customise design.


Not all the product manufacturers are willing to do customisation, having a product partner that will to take your customisation requirements seriously is a valuable plus to the success of your IoT development.

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